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RDF, a global reality

Cross borders, reach new markets and make your business grow. This and much more is what RDF Spedizioni can do for you. A company at the forefront of its field, offering a variety of different services with an emphasis on quality and safety, at absolutely competitive prices. We move goods across the entire national territory and we meet everyone’s distribution needs. Fast and punctual in every type of shipment, for secure connections between people and businesses.

A company for everyone

The business was launched in March 2021 and in no time at all established itself in the territory thanks to its outstanding characteristics: flexibility, customer satisfaction and technological development. RDF Spedizioni has a staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals who work tirelessly to provide services to a wide target audience, ranging from private individual to companies of any size.

Il nostro team

A network that comes from afar

One of our strengths is our partnerships, which have allowed us to form an extensive and highly functional network over time. RDF Spedizioni is the official partner of Merzario, a historical company in the field of transport and logistics: a company that has been operating since 1835. In order to strengthen our service we have equipped ourselves with hi-tech sorting systems and vehicles for the collection and delivery of goods.

RDF Shipping Point

Via Nazionale, 25 – Naples

Via Padre Rocco, 75 – Naples


To handle, transport and delivery small and medium sized parcels, we are equipped with an extremely extensive distribution network, hi-tech sorting systems and collection and delivery vehicles.

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